Okay Xena has got Otere (the little leader of the amazonettes) naked in a steam house(VBG) They are 'purging' each other's minds and bodies for the upcoming battle with Alti (much like the Gabby/Calli scene in TBS). After the 'purging' Xena tells the story of how she tried to kill Cyane (former amazon queen) but she bests Xena by stealing her clothes. This woman is one fast dresser and words don't do the scene justice. At this point in her life I don't think Xena's used to being undressed by a woman.(BG) or at least not that quickly.(VBG). Gabby probably takes her time, soaking up Xena's features, difficulty searching for a starting place. . .but again that's my theory(G).

Anyway, where was I . . .oh yeah Cyane. Okay, she chases Xena down and is ready to kill her but Borias saves Xena's a*s again. After Xena ends her little flashback, she tells Otere that she can't make up for the past but she wants to help the girls future because of what Gabby taught her. A tiny tear runs down her cheek. I look at it as one) her sorrow for hurting the amazons and two) she misses gabby and three) she happy that Gabby showed her a better way of life. . .but once more. . .that's just my theory.

Later that night the amazons do a funky dance (they're always dancing aren't they?) and they try to free their spirits from their body but Alti best Xena to the punch and puts some evil spirits into the young amazonettes. They try to beat up Xena but she fights them off and tells the girls to fight them away. The 'real' girls come back and the next time they set up a 'ring of protection' from Alti. She manages to enter however as a spider. It crawls on Xena's face and morphs into Gabby, reaching lovingly for Xena. I just love the way Xena says Gabby's name but the 'good times' don't last long when it turns into Alti. She begins to choke Xena and ask who the 'blonde' is. She's very 'jealous' if you ask me(G). Kinda like a Gabby/LaMao thing goin' on.

Xena tells Alti that's her lover. . .nono. . .just kidding(G). .. she tells her Gabby is light and innocence and what's what Alti fears because that's what can defeat her. She promptly passes out as Alti leaves and the amazonettes find themselves dragging the unconscious Xena behind a horse. When Xena wakes up they travel to the 'Resting Place' and she tells the story of how Alti cursed her child to never know his parents and how she made Alti so strong. She knocked off Cyane and the amazons so Alti could steal their spirits, not letting them into eternity and giving her the evil power she needs.

As she finishes she feels Alti approach and puts the pinch on everyone. All their spirits jump into Xena's spirit and Alti and she do battle. Alti tries to defeat Xena by showing her her future. Xena sees what looks like a Persian kicking her down some stairs. She sees some Romans while she's in a burning village. During the 'spirit' battle Xena gets a few good licks in(G) but it isn't enough and Alti decides to kill Xena by showing her death. (Now, not that I'm complaining(G) but I see a plot hole. If Alti knows how Xena dies then why is she fighting Xena. She should know she can't win because Xena lives to see another day right? Anyway. . .)

The last scene of Xena's future was probably the one of the best in the series history. I liked it so much I had to write a fan fiction story called 'The End' because of it. Enough with the shameless plug(G). Back to my point. . .)We see Xena start to lay down but it's a reflection in a roman shield. We watch the Romans tie down a woman and Xena as well when Xena calls over it's Gabrielle. Gabby turns, short hair and all (She looks like Meg Ryan - No lie!!(LOL)) and Gabrielle says 'I love you Xena'. With that they begin to NAIL them to the cross. That's a subtext point all in it's own because they are 'do-gooders' who get nailed to a cross. Does that sound like anyone else in world history?(VBG). Anyway, it was a beautiful Xena scene.

Alti asks if she likes to see what has happened to her and her friend and Xena says yes. Alti can't quite understand and Xena says that if Gabby's there at her death then that means she's alive now. With that knowledge Xena turns it up. She ain't gonna let this woman kill her if her bard is still out there somewhere. Naha. No way. And with that Xena kicks the heck outta Alti (literally) and impales her on a tree.

Xena's spirit and the amazonette's spirits return. Xena gives Otere her leadership of the amazons fulfilling the 'power prophecy'. Otere asked her to stay but Xena says she has to go. 'She's alive' she says showing her crucified hands and soon she's galloping back to Greece for her bard.

Spoiler of next week have X and G meeting in town and a monster that's something between the Swamp Thing and the Creature of the Black Lagoon is wrecking havoc on the reunion. Warning: Joxer IS in this ep(VBG).

CN Winters
Queen of Subtext