Our story opens with Xena and Gabby whipping along on their horses in a storm. They

got thunder, lightening, tornados, etc. fast on their heels. They see a cloaked figure

pointing a way out.

They make it to a cave and once inside meet up with Joxer. Seems he found some

three folks that want to pay tribute to Eve (kinda like the Christ child - Tapert wants

to piss off all the christians now it seems(VBG).

Xena and Gabby are leery but they don't want to seem too unkind. When the last gift

giver offers laurel Xena knows something is up. She kicks the gift away and the gift

givers expose themselves has the warriors of Possidon, Apollo and Artemis.

Xena and crew take them out but Apollo's henchmen cuts Joxer with a poison sword.

Xena tells them they have to go to this special tree to get the antidote so they split

up. Ares reveils himself as the cloaked figure and says he wants to protect Eve. Xena's

not buying it and tells him to get lost.

Gabby and Joxer have a conversation about how he needs to think before he acts as

she tends to his wounds. Xena nurses Eve and some bad guys show up. She knocks

them out with diaper pins and dirty diapers. (Yes X:WP has sunken this low (LOL)).

Later that night Xena has a dream about getting it on with Ares. Seems the God of

War wants an heir and wants Xena to be the one to give it to him. Xena wakes up next

to Eve and gives a sigh of relief that it's a dream.

The next day on the trail Joxer gets worse and he and Gabby have a discussion about

why he loves her. Suddenly they are surrounded by Artemis 'amazon' followers. They

tell them that they are looking for the temple of Artemis. The priestess sees Joxer's

condition and the duo blame Xena for Joxer's deteriorating state.

Xena for her part is making her way to the tree after throwing the Gods henchmen off

her trail. She talks to Eve about the dream and we see a few flashbacks. (Note: Tapert

feels it's appropriate for 2-11 year olds to see Xena get it on with Ares but God Forbid

should they show Xena and Gabby hold hands - he's such a damn hypocrite but I guess

we already know that huh? (BG)). Seems the dream isn't sitting very well with Xena.

Joxer get weaker and curls up with Gabby after she fetches some water. He asks why

she never loved him the way that he loves her. She says she doesn't understand why

people fall in love with who they fall in love with. She says she does love him but just

as a dear friend.

Xena makes it to the tree but no Gabby or Joxer. She starts to look around for them.

Gabby puts a kite in the air to give Xena their location and Xena makes her way over.

The armies of Artemis, Apollo and Possidon start to close in. Xena and Gabby kick butt

and take a few names. More and more soliders come and Ares stops everything.

He tells Xena if she adheres to his request for her to give birth to his heir he'll take the

army out. Xena refuses telling Ares that he's not a dream but her worst nightmare.

The battle begins again and of course. Xena and Gabby are victorious. Joxer gets his

antidote and is soon on the mend.

The four of them are walking (well Eve isn't walking yet but you get the point (BG) ).

Joxer tells Gabby that he'll always love her as more than a friend and that for him her

friendship is enough. Xena and Gabby talking about finding a better way to fight the

greater good without harming Eve but no conclusions are drawn.

Fade to black.

That was it. The big Ares/Xena sex scene. For all you Ares/Xena lovers out there I'm

sure you'll get a kick out of next weeks ep. Xena tells Ares she'll give him 'her sword

and the body that welds it' in exchange for protecting Eve, that of course is before she

drops the fur that's around her body. It's all I could do to keep down the pancakes I

had for breakfast(LOL).

But on the bright side, Gabby yells 'Charge!!' with what looks like a group of amazons.

Maybe Gabby should dump the warrior and find a cute, moderately butch amazon to

hang out with. Now that show could be interesting.

CN Winters