No real subtext or much emotion here between the girls. Gabby says she loves Eve as

her own and wants the baby to have her rite of caste. This offer of Gabby's soul to

Eve gets her the usually ho-hum response from Xena. At this point I'd tell Gabby to

move along and get a life because she can do much better than Xena. I'd hire

Salmoneus as a lawyer and sue for custody of Eve because Xena will only end up

screwing that kid up in the end.

When they get to the village they learn Yakut and Amerece have died - this in turn

lets us, the viewers, know that TPTB can't keep anyone around for long that might be

useful to the series (Well Yakut was a sweetie, Army just annoying). Xena and Gabby

didn't seem to grief stricken by their deaths either - yet another writing, directing

problem if you ask me. Or the simple fact the stars are sick of the show.

Xena journeys to the past to see Yakut's tribe which are just cheesy clips of that ill

fated show "Amazon High" - Gods above I can see why that sucker got turned down

for a series.

But on the upside, we got to see Danielle Cormick and Karl Urben (or whatever his

name is) again. Of course it would be better if it were as Ephiny and Cupid. But we

won't be seeing them again. 'Why not?' you may ask? See paragraph two above.

Gabby decides to give Eve her rite of caste but refuses to do the gooy horses blood

thing. Xena busts into the 'private ceremony' - Xena can save their ass over and over

but she can't come to the ceremony because she's not an amazon. Even though it's

HER KID??!! TPTB haven't solved that continuality problem yet<G>.

Anyway, Xena uses the cheesy "AH" clips to show the amazons should let the enemy

leave their lands so Yakut and all good amazons can go to heaven - or land of the

dead or wherever good amazons go. In the end Xena show's them the light.

They give up on horses blood, 'baptize' Eve with water instead and everybody does the

funky chicken in their skimpy clothes. How about that for a report folks?

Next week is the 'funny' ep but it doesn't look funny at all. Xena tells Gabby she

doesn't have to worry about killing Joxer because she'll do it. She looks pretty damn

serious but I gotta funny feeling that, just like Mary Richards, he's gonna make it after

all.(Did I just show my age again with that bad joke?<VBG> )