Conversation by Campfire: Part 5

by CN Winters


Disclaimers: Same as always. Not my characters. Just borrowing them. Yadayadayada. This story takes place before Paradise Found.

Xena awoke to feel someone nibbling on her earlobe. Once her mind cleared from the sleepy haze she knew who that someone was. A smile formed on her lips although her eyes remained closed.

"Good morning Gabrielle," the warrior whispered.

A warm yet primal moan was all she received in reply. With an agonizing slowness the licks and small kisses proceeded southward to her shoulders. The warrior’s hand cupped the back of the bard’s head with a gentle possession. Gabrielle’s long hair hung loose around her face, tickling Xena’s bust line. Finally Xena’s eyes opened and she looked down to see the wandering bard making her way further south.

Xena swallowed hard as she watched Gabrielle lick her lips and give sly grin. That’s all the warrior needed to see to become slick with desire. Seconds later, the bard was out of sight, buried deep under their bedroll. The warrior could no longer see Gabrielle but she could feel her fingertips against her naked thighs and she could hear the bard making the most peculiar, arousing sounds. Gabrielle sounded hungry and the warrior knew that she was on the breakfast menu.

It was on the tip of Xena’s tongue to ask Gabrielle if she was ready for this step in their relationship. A few nights prior their attempt didn’t go as well as they had hoped. But before Xena could clear her throat she felt the bard’s tongue answer the unspoken question as it teasingly danced the length of her sex. Xena’s hips shot up in response and she could hear the bard chuckle from under the blankets, obviously tickled by the reaction she received for her ministrations.

She was still unable to see the bard but she could certainly feel her – the weight of Gabrielle’s upper body across her thighs, the long hair now tickling her stomach and the quick laps of the bard’s tongue. Xena released what could only be called a grunt as Gabrielle quickened her pace against the warrior. When Gabrielle whisked her head back and forth Xena wondered if she might faint.

‘The mightiest of warriors knocked out by the smallest of bards,’ Xena thought as she watched the blankets moving below her. ‘Now that would make an interesting scroll,’ Xena nearly chuckled.

Her face soon lost it’s smile though when she felt the bard zero in on her pleasure spot, lightly sucking it, bringing it out further from under it’s hood.

"Oh Gods," Xena mustered. She wondered for a moment just where in the world the bard learned all these movements but she didn’t consider it for too long – she simply laid back and enjoyed it.

Her desire was growing stronger and stronger; her hips shaking more and more. The need to feel Gabrielle deep within her was immense now. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She ripped the covers away to see the bard happily nestled between her legs, feasting away. The sight alone made her moan deep and long.

The change of light and temperature turned the bard’s eyes up to the warrior. Although Gabrielle didn’t stray from her task, Xena could see the smile in Gabrielle’s eyes. Xena stroked the bards hair affectionately – loving her, worshiping her for sharing this intimate part of herself. Tenderly Xena reached down for Gabrielle’s hand, leading it to her sex.


It was one word but it spoke volumes to Gabrielle. The warrior who closed herself off to virtually everyone she encountered was asking, practically begging, for Gabrielle to come inside. And the bard knew it wasn’t just the physical realm but the spiritual one as well. Gabrielle knew once she crossed this threshold with Xena’s body there would be no turning back. But it was a trip the bard was more than willing to make. It was a chance that needed to be taken.

With a smoothness that amazed and delighted the warrior, Gabrielle slipped in two fingers. The warrior’s back arched in response. Watching Xena’s reaction acted like a catalyst to Gabrielle’s own desire. She found her body responding on it’s own – starting to straddle the warrior’s leg. As Gabrielle began a rhythmic pumping she found that her hips were beginning to set the same pace, growing quicker and quicker. It was only a few moments but she found that she was close to climax. Not wanting to come before her warrior she slowed the pace of her hips.

Xena realized what Gabrielle was doing…but she couldn’t have that.

The warrior reached down and began to stroke the soaked britches of the bard.

"Xena please don’t," the bard whispered in ardent voice. "I’m almost there," she groaned.

Xena now had a coy grin of her own.

"I know," she smirked before her face returned to dead seriousness. "And I’m gonna push you over…now."

Gabrielle gave up the fight quickly and just succumbed to the warrior’s fingertips stroking her quick and purposely. That didn’t mean that she was so sidetracked that she forgot about what she set out to do. Oh not by any means. Gabrielle was on a mission. She was going to make the warrior come. And she wasn’t going to stop until she met her goal. Xena realized that stubborn streak of Gabrielle that plagued her now and then had its advantages.

The waves rose higher and higher in each of the woman’s bodies until they each felt the explosion. They cried each other’s names in harmony out of their ecstasy. Feeling the intense rush pass over both of them, they labored in their breathing and they collapsed in each others arms totally spent. After a few moments they offered their fingers to each other, tasting their own juices on their companions fingers between satisfied grins.

Xena released a deep sigh as Gabrielle slowly worked her body up to lay along side the warrior. The kiss they exchanged at that point was long and deep. As the bard pulled back she examined the warrior. Xena never looked as good as she did at this moment – glistening skin with wet, tousled bangs and smile that shined brighter than Apollo’s sun.

"I should say good morning shouldn’t I?" Gabrielle teased realizing she never acknowledged the warrior’s welcome to a new day.

"Oh I think you told me Gabrielle," the warrior replied with a chuckle. "And in the most wonderful of ways," she added kissing the bard on the forehead. It was then that Xena looked up at the sky. "Uh oh," she muttered.

"What is it?" Gabrielle responded.

"We’ve got one Tartarus of a storm brewing," Xena said pointing upward.

The sun had all but left and she realized they had to find shelter quick or they were gonna get soaked. "So much for cuddling," the bard grinned as she rose to a sitting position. "You see to Argo and I’ll pack up camp."

After another affectionate kiss, Xena agreed. And soon they were on the path toward the mountains hoping to find a cave, hand in hand. But minutes later the rain did arrive and with a pounding fury. They were halfway to the ridge when five men stepped out from the foliage. Instinctively both women released their locked fingers, getting a better grip on their weapons.

"Morning ladies," one of them greeted. Both women knew these men were headed for trouble.

Xena turned to Gabrielle deadpan and asked, "So much for the scenic route huh?" Gabrielle gave the smallest of grins and shrugged. "Tell me later how you managed to talk me into this," the warrior teased.

"Lovely weather we’re having isn’t it?" he asked.

"Yes," Xena replied, dripping from head to toe. "So if you don’t mind we’ll be moving along."

"Well we have a highway tax here you see," the bandit told her. "If you wanna travel this parts you have to pay."

"Is that right?" Xena answered. Gabrielle kept her staff at the ready as the men crept closer. Xena for her part released her sword from the scabbard. "Well let’s just say it’s free for today and I’ll spare your life. Deal?"

The smile fell from the man’s face, replaced by anger. "No deal," he hissed. "Get ‘em!" He charged and Xena managed to knock his sword away immediately. She gave a strong fist to the face, blinding the man by the force of it. With that she picked him up and hoisted him into his colleagues, sending all of them to the ground. Except for the one that Gabrielle had taken on by herself. She knocked him to the side but he managed to rise and get a lucky strike across Xena’s thigh.

Xena was done playing now.

Her sword split the man open and he slumped to the ground. Two more quick slashes to the other bandits felled them as well. Only two remained. They looked at each other and decided it was time to make a ‘deal’. They darted back into the trees and scrubs with a scurry. Xena went for her chakram but Gabrielle put a hand on Xena’s arm.

"Let ‘em go," she told the warrior. "We’ve gotta get out of this storm and get that leg fixed."

Xena looked down and realized that the remaining hoodlums weren’t worth the effort. A few moments later she grinned and put an arm around the bard. "Let’s try to avoid the scenic route next time. Agreed?"

Gabrielle smiled up at her warrior. "Agreed . . . Now let’s find a cave."