I hate to admit it - not much subtext in this one but I did catch a few moments I feel we should share in our sister/brotherhood of subtext (yes even guys can be subtexters too, even straight women, even my cat who often watches Xena with me. No one is excluded from the welcoming ring of subtexters).
Now on to the show. Gabby's busy getting her palm read. Probably trying to find out if Xena is going to flip out anytime in the near future and pull the old drop and drag routine. The 'witch' tells the bard she is going to meet a tall, dark and handsome man when Xena arrives. Xena is 'very adament' in saying that's not going to happen. Xena's so damn cocky sometimes - just the butch in her I guess. Although I can't say Xena was the only one sceptical because Gabby didn't seem to agree too much either. The 'witch/gypsy/whoever' goes back to reading Gabsters palm playing with her hand (what I wouldn't give to play with Gabby's hand Xena really is a truly lucky woman). She tells the bard she is in great danger. We know it's serious because the woman starts shoutin' and everything.

After Gabby finally leaves because Xena is too damn impatient to do anything that Gabby wants to do, they split up. Xena goes shopping (yes you read that right. SHE went shopping) and Gabby gets into trouble (as usual).

Upon seeing Autolycus on a prisoner ship she jumps aboard. After kickin a little a*s the boat sets sail and she yells. I'll give you two guesses as to who she yells for. . .Okay ya got it. She yells for Xena who does this MaryLou Retton flip (I gave her a 9.5 cause her dismount was a little shaking) and she lands on the ship. She does all this but not before giving that look. Ya know the one. The one that says 'no one takes off with MY bard'.

Xena finds Auto and discovers he was just trying to score some diamonds at the mine where the criminals work. Suddenly a volcano errupts and a tital wave capsizes the ship.

After things calm down, Xena goes in search of Gabrielle - I should say franic search for Gabrielle. She's throwing things here and there until she can see her beloveds face. After find out Gabby's in good shape they try to find a plan to get them out if it.

There's also this part about a bad boy criminal nobody likes who always causes trouble, holds Gabby at knife point, yadayadayada. There's a scared young man who's not trouble but trouble because he has 'family issues' and a sinking rich couple who are expecting a baby. Yeah. Whatever. They really aren't all that important to subtext. I could add however that Gabby couldn't seem to keep her hands off the pregnant chick, refusing to take no for any answer. Who knew Gabby could be so forceful? (Actually I did. She's a little firecracker! Wow! - I love Gabby, have I mentioned that?)

The next subtext moment comes as X and G are trying to decide what to do. They are working on the unconscious ship captain when Gabby reaches over and takes Xena's hand in hers (just another scene that makes you go ahhhhhh).

Anyway, Auto is feeling guilty for getting x and g into trouble. They cheer him up and get an idea of using the area geisers and wine skins to float to the top to safety. Xena and Gabrielle, hold hands once more before Gabby takes the plunge to go to the surface. Bad boy and Xena are the last to go. When Mr. Congeniality loses his skin he fights for Xena's. Xena saves him anyway and everyone makes to land okay. Of course Gabby has to comb the beach first but she sees Xena and nearly knocks what little wind she has left out of her body with a ferocious hug. Gabby's just a little to anxious if you ask me. But it is another scene that makes you go ahhhhh as they walk shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip along the magestic splender of the sea shore.

There is one point though that I would like to make. Xena saves this guy who tried to kill her and who, for all practical purposes, is a real pain. However she tried to kill Gabrielle over Solans death. Her son whom she gave away and rarely saw. Talk about character assissinations - good gods! I can't wait for season four to start. Maybe the characters will start behaving like their true selves. Just thought I'd through that little obeservation in.

Anyway, that's it in a nut shell. Hope you enjoyed it. Doesn't look like we'll have much next week. Xena is doing funny voices again and trying to help Auto win back his title of King of Theives. But any ep with Auto as his witty self is a good one.

Take care


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