Vanishing Act

Slim pickin's this week folks.

Here's the set up for those of you that live under a rock. Auto has to get back his title of king of thieves since somebody stole a statue.

Auto gets Xena to help him by whining about how HE had to listen to Gabrielle whine and crying about how much she cared and missed Xena. This is a cute scene and Xena does a good job of trying to shut him up about if before he gets to descriptive (aka the kiss. Remember the kiss? Remember when our girls were very much in love and would do anything for each other. Remember the good ole days before that Dahok garbage and the producers wonderful creation of BS - of course I'm referring to Bitter Suite and not a third season filled with Bullsh*t)

I'm a little ticked. Can you tell? I waiting all season for it to get better and it hasn't. I told people to hang on have faith and I feel as if I've been made a liar. Damn those producers. I think Rob has spent too much time in the sun fishing if you ask me. Anyway back to the story.

Xena and Gabby find the guy that took the statue. They do more bickering it seems than anything else. But its funny to watch how disgusted Gabby is with Xena's fake mole that's part of her disguise. She couldn't wait to rip it off Xena's face to which Xena has an Ouch! reaction (yes the same woman who got hit in the face with a mace in When In Rome and nonchalantly got back up like she was rolling out of bed after a good nights sleep.)

Needless to say, Auto gets his title as the king of thieves back and the original owners get their statue back. Of course this show also has 'family issues' (its been a big 'family' year for X:WP this season. Enough all ready. I don't want to hear about demonic spawns, fathers who try to kill their daughters, sissy boy criminals who inadvertently kill their brothers or Auto's brother who was murdered by this statue thief. Like I said Enough already!)

The last thing I notice that if you twist it and distort it to fit the subtext image (and I do mean stretching it) is the very end. Auto kisses Xena on the cheek but when Gabby moves in for a kiss Auto only shakes her hand. Perhaps he's less frightened by Gabrielle's jealousy instead of Xena's (and boy has he got that mixed up huh? [G] Don't cross Gabby! Even if its a woman you knew while she was still in grade school don't let her know. [G] It could cause you really, really big trouble).

Another reason for this brush off could be for us the views to say see, Auto wasn't taking advantage to Gabby's grief that night so many moons ago. (And he wouldn't even go anywhere near her butt, for the record.) Like I said I'm fishin' for stuff in this ep.

Well I think I yaked enough. I didn't even get a spoiler for the season ender but hopefully we'll get a lot more goodies to report.

Take care


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