Sacrifice Part One

Oh baby this is gonna be a good one. Not high on subtext but great on writing. I really loved this one because it went back to the Xena basic - warrior and bard fighting for the same thing- the greater good with lots of team work. I was even surprised in a few place which is saying a lot because this season as left me feeling flat. Anyway onto the story:

Xena and Gabby are tucked away behind a rock watching Gabby's friend get sacrificed for the rebirth of the goddess. Of course they think it's Callisto but soon find out its Hope. Anyway, Ares drops by through out the ep to chat with X. At one point he offers her an entire army to lead in the fight against Hope and tells her she's taking things to personal.

Xena tells Gabby he's right and Gabby kinda freaks in a subtle way<G>. You can see the concern on her face - that she doesn't want to lose her Xena to Ares but Xena tells her she was refering to Ares comment about taking things personal.

She then comes across the escaped Callisto. Here's something I never notice - when someone is really angry or really aroused their expressions are very similar. Callisto is really putting the moves on Xena and I ain't talkin' sword play. You gotta catch the 'toying' conversation - Callisto looks like she's pure lust for Xena. The blonde lunatic is really obsessed with Xena in everyway, shape and form.

She tries to set Xena ablaze (not sexually but literally) and Ares knocks her out of the way, taking Callistos blow.

Callisto grabs one of the cult priest and they head to the 'Hope cocoon' where Callisto asks for oblivion - she wants to be totally wasted, which Hope agrees to through the translator/priest.

Xena finds the cocoon but Ares steals it and plays lets make a deal - protecting Hope from Xena.

Xena finds out Ares has taken the cocoon to the Halls of War. As they try to get to the Hall they are attacked by zombies. (Actually this scene reminded me of the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller - you know where the zombies are chasing his cute little girlfriend, coming in through the windows, coming up from the floor.) But instead of Michael we get Xena crashing through the roof, saving the day (which of course I would choose over MJ in a heartbeat).

Once at the Hall Ares takes Gabby aside and tells her Xena's life line will be cut if Xena kills Hope. Gabby knows it's really Xena's life line when she immediately touches it<G>. She could 'feel' Xena. (Yeah. Tell me again it's not love you non-subtexters you. Ha!)

Anyway Xena battles the baddies to tries to kill Hope but the Sacrificially friend of Gabby ends up getting slashed anyway and spreads her icky blood on the icky cocoon. Xena gets ready to delivery the death blow to Hope when Gabby leaps in on a flying tackle on Xena. (The Detroit Lions could use old Gabster on their offensive line. She got great timing and strength)

Xena starts to ask Gabby if she' outta her mind or somethin' but never gets the chance at a reply. Hope emerges and let me tell ya - she's got her momma's eyes. . .and nose. . . and smile. . .but the eyebrow thing she does is definately from Xena's side (I'm sorry I forgot. Its not Xena's baby. I've been ready too much alt. fan fic.)

Anyway, Callisto in true Callisto form gives a chuckle of amusement. Xena, on the other hand, looks like she's about to cry (at least that's what it looked like to me. Watch the very end and you'll see her twitch)

Like I said not much subtext. Of course theres always the touchy/feely hand on the arms hellos and goodbyes but nothing to 'blantant'.

I did say that I really loved this ep. I can't say it was worth hell season and there are a few incidents I didn't mention just because I think it's better if you see them. (Like the conversation about knowing someone - you'll see what I mean).

I really like this ep because:

1) Callisto isn't the crazy lunatic that she's become lately. She actually uses her head making her more dangerous.
2) Callisto has all the great lines (I could never write a fan fic piece starring Callisto because I don't think I could come up with some of the things she says)
3) The story was actually (get this) interesting. And it worked because, thank god, the characters were 'in character'.

and probably most importantly
4) Gabby is more of a red-head in this one. (I like her better as a red-head and I think the eps are better when she's not so blonde. I don't know if there's a connection. It just seems that way to me)

Anyway, enjoy this one. I haven't seen a spoiler for part two but I hope they don't sell out with another lava pit ending. The last thing we need is Hope and Valaska together - Gabby would really, really have a hell season next year if they both escaped. <G> And as many of you know. . .I love Gabby (okay I love Xena too but Gabby. . .I think it's just the red-hair that does me in<G>)

Take care

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