End Game opens with Ephiny finding Solari's dead body. An amazonette I'll call Betty (sorry can't remember her name, she was annoying to me<G>) comes up and wants to attack the romans that are hanging around.

Ephiny tells her to wait - and listen to her queen. Betty agrees and they get the back up with them. A bunch of Romans are beating up on a scouting party. Ephiny and her troop charge in and Eph opens up a big can of whoop ass on 'em<VBG>. She could really give Xena a run for her money I tell ya.

Anyway she gets to Brutus and they battle as she tries to protect Betty. Brutus gets in a lucky strike and Ephiny gets it in the gut. Betty runs over yelling my Queen and as more amazons show up he orders a retreat.

Cut to X and G who are fishing. Gabby is using a net because it's less painful (and if you ask me she's taking this peace thing just a little to far). Even Xena thinks so cause she asks if the fish told her so<LOL>. Gabby says, "Yeah. Yeah they did. See for yourself." and she throws the net over Xena. Xena starts in on her mock anger and takes the net off. She tells Gabrielle that she really can't know what the fish think until she lives like the fish. Gabby starts to warn Xena to stay away - she ain't goin' in the water cause her clothes take too long to dry. Xena says she's got time and starts toward her.

Suddenly Betty hopes between them and tells Gabrielle to run she'll hold off the villian to save her queen. Gabby says it's just Xena and Betty makes a remark about thinking Xena would be taller. Of course Xena gets a little pout look on her face and Gabby suddenly realize she's being called Queen and asks about Ephiny. Betty tells her she's dead and has to come back to the village.

The three return and find out what's going on. Seems Pompy wants slaves to finance his war. Xena forms a plan of action and asks Gabrielle if that's okay - Gabby isn't taking things real well and thanks Xena for stepping up. Gabby goes to see Ephiny's body in the Queen's hut and she kisses her on the forehead. Now note when Xena died Gabby kissed her on the lips but again that means absolutely nothing<VBG> because they are just friends right?<G> Anyway, Xena walks in and promises Ephiny that she will avenge her.

Xena goes and captures Brutus and drags him behind his horse for Ephiny. Xena takes him to camp and puts the pinch on him to get info. Once she gets it, she starts to walk away but Gabby makes her take the pinch off - the amazons don't want Brutus to live. Gabby says it's her village and he will be handled with justice. Xena takes the pinch off because lets face it, she's whipped<LOL>.

Later, Xena saves the amazons that Pompy plans to sell as slaves and she gets some of his men to boot. Meanwhile Gabby tells Brutus that she has no fight with Ceasar and gives him a peace treaty to take to Ceasar. Neither group will harm the other. Brutus agrees and tells Gabby she is being short sighted in Ceasar's plan. Gabby tells him that she and he don't see the same Ceasar.

Pompy is pissed and plans to attack the amazons head on. In the meantime Brutus's troops are to the North - in other words they have Romans in two directions coming there way. Brutus keeps his word and he says they are leaving the amazons be but Pompy is far game.

As the amazons battle the Romans. Xena goes out with the first wave on top of Argo and finds Pompy. Gabrielle is holding the line waiting to send in the next wave. Once Xena has cleared she send the troops ahead with a warcry in Ephiny's honor. She maybe the peace loving bard but it's nice to see that she can instill victory in her warriors (besides Xena of course<G>).

Xena chops her way to Pompy and has him on his knees to kill him. He says Xena can't kill him because Ceasar will have all the power. She lets him live and walks away. But he rises to kill her and she turns back, chopping off his head.

AFter the battle Xena brings Pompy's head (which is in a bag folks - don't get squimish<G>) to Brutus. Brutus says he will deliver Gabrielle's treaty true to his word. Xena believes him and asks that he take Pompy's head to JC, saying that he killed him. Brutus doesn't understand why she can't see the good Ceasar is trying to do. Xena points out that Brutus is a friend - just like Crassus, Just like Pompy and just like her. She asks once more to say he never saw her with the amazons.

Back in Rome, JC looks in the bag and says 'Pompy changed his hairstyle'<LOL>. Brutus hands over Gabby's treaty and starts to explain. He watches Ceasar burn it and wonders if Xena just might be right. Ceasar mentions that reports of Xena spottings took place and asked if there was any truth to it. Brutus pauses and says no, he didn't see her.

JC starts to leave and tells Brutus that he's a loyal friend and you can see that ole Brutus is wondering if his number is going to be up soon too.

Back at the amazons Gabby is saying that she's surprised that she hasn't been able to cry. Amazon Betty comes up and says she'd like to travel aways with X and G and starts to make her way. Xena gets ready to ask Gabby something but Gabby just walks away toward the funeral pyer. Xena follows without comment.

Gabby starts to cry and Xena holds her (ahhhhhh<VBG>) a bit misty eyed herself, kissing the bard on top of the head, as they watch Ephiny go up in flames.

Fade to black the end.

Now next week. Callisto, also sporting a short Gabby 'do<VBG>, says she's there to save Ceasar. We see X get draged through the snow and watch X and G as the nails go into their bodies on the cross. Xena chakram flys toward Ceasar and Callisto catches it. Boy the look on Xena's face when she sees Callisto is priceless<LOL>. This is going to be a good one.<VBG>

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