Ides of March

It opens with Callisto in Hell. Not a very nice place let me tell ya. Fake Gabby and Xena's taunt her and the wig fake Gabby has on looks like the child Hope hairdo - pretty freaky looking. Anyway, she talks with an ugly dude and realizes she could do the devils bidding since he has an interest in Xena. Seems the devil wants bad Xena and he can do this if Xena loses her 'way'. The devil also wants Caesar to do his bidding and placed in ultimate power of the world.

Callisto tells goofy guy she wants to talk to the 'big guy' and help get Xena into Hell. But there's only one rule - Callisto can't harm Xena physically. . .but she can play all the mind tricks in the world.

Ceasar is having an erotic Xena dream when suddenly she stabs him. He wakes up to find Callisto sitting next to him. She's there to see that he becomes Emperor and keep Xena out of his way.

Xena, Gabby and the Amazonette that I'll continue to call Betty (see subtext report on End Game) are on their way to see Eli (whose in Greece now) when they get attacked. Xena finds out Caesar put a 6 million dinar price on her head. She decides to go to Rome and kill Caesar. She asks Gabby to stay put and Gabby agrees - the way of the warrior is Xena's way and she will not interfere.

While Xena is in Rome, Gabby and Betty catch up to Eli who has healed a man who couldn't walk. They chat and Eli does his preaching, however Brutus shows up and takes Gabby as a bargining chip for Caesar against Xena. He promises Gabby will be unharmed and Gabby doesn't believe it but the group goes peacefully.

Back in Rome Xena is sneaks in and nearly chakrams Caesar but Callisto catches it and Xena gets the "Oh ****!" look on her face and takes off. She runs down an ally to find Callisto twirling the chakram on her finger. Calli tells Xena that she can't win. Brutus has captured Gabby. Xena said she doesn't believe it and Callisto tells her that Brutus is going to be sent to Gaul and she's got info . . .and the conversation drops from there.

When Gabby and the gang come into the Roman compound they see all kinds of crosses being made. Brutus asks who they are for and is told some pirates are being brought in. Gabby tells him he doesn't really believe those crosses are for pirates? And he still says Caesar will keep his word and not harm anyone. But you can see, ole Brutus ain't so sure.

He leaves and Xena walks up and asked where Gabby is so shes could save her. Gabby deserves that much since she saved Brutus. Xena says she has inside info on a trip to Gaul Caesar has planned for Brutus - assissins are waiting for him there. She tells Brutus to beware of the 'Ides of March' because Caesar will proclaim himself Emperior. Brutus still says he doesn't believe her but being a man of honor her tells Xena that she can find Gabby at a compound at the bottom of a mountain.

Brutus heads back to Rome where he learns that Caesar is going to kill Gabby and tells Brutus that he wants him to go to Gaul next. Brutus looks nervous and asks why. He won't tell Brutus. In addition he tells Brutus that he's got an announcement to make before the senator soon. Brutus now knows that Caeasar has to be stopped.

Xena is staking out the Roman camp when Callisto comes back offering an eternity of peace if she'd follow Gabby's way of life. Xena sees that Callisto is trying to hard to 'change' her warrior way and declines. She kicks butt all the way into the jail and saves the gang.

Everyone rushes out and Callisto watches the fight below in the square. Xena is suceeding and she's going to get away. Callisto can't have that so she hurls Xena's chakram into Xena's back, cracking the chakram in two pieces. Gabby watches Xena's legs buckle to the ground and screams for her to get up.

When a big guy charges with a sword, Gabby picks up a spear and impales the guy. More guys charge and Gabby picks up Xena's sword and starts slicing and diceing. She keeps screaming for Xena to get up but Xena says she can't, something happened to her spine and she can't move.

Gabby keeps taking the guys out - she head-butts 'em and drives a knife into one. She slices another guys throat. All the while Xena is crying telling Gabrielle to stop. After the 8th guy - yes Gabby killed 8 people - she gets surrounded. She drops the knife and realizes it's over. Eli, Betty and the other followers are fleeing safely into the woods.

Next Xena and Gabby are in a holding cell. Xena can't move and she's resting in Gabrielle's lap. She tells Gabrielle she's sorry for all the times she should have treated her better and she's sorry Gabby gave up her 'way' for her. Gabrielle said she chose the way of friendship and that Xena saw her for who she was and she'd never regret that. Xena said she wished she had read Gabby's scrolls and Gabrielle tells Xena she would have liked them.

The guards come and begin to take them out to the cross. At the same time Ceasar is about to give his speech. Brutus has talked members of the senate into killing Caesar since he's far too powerful. Callisto watches X and G getting dragged and stands catching snowflakes on her tongue<LOL> Gotta love her huh?

The daggers in the assembly start to come out from behind the toga's as Caesar is talking. They tie Gab and Xena up and ready them. AS the first nail goes in, Caesar is struck in Rome. Then again and again. The direction is great because the look of pain for Gab and Xena is the same for Caesar who is dying at the same time. Finally Caesar lay dead. G and X are hoisted up on the cross.

Xena dies first. Her spirit going over to Gabrielle and cradling her face. Next Gabrielles spirit comes out and they hold hands. A bright light comes out and you can see their two little flying spirits get sucked into the air. . .fade to black.

So there you have it. . .was it everything you dreamed of<LOL>. I think this is probably one of my favorites from Season Four if not the series so I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Of course this isn't the end - ROC's directing debute is next week so stay tuned. It looks like a really funny one so it should be entertaining. . .

CN Winters

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