Seeds of Faith

Since I’m sure you all want to know who the daddy is let me say that it’s Callisto! MaryD got it right (G). She’s a webmaster with the best spoilers and that was her guess. Her last poll showed that most people agreed with her. With that said on to our report.

A group of villages are arguing about not needing the Gods anymore. Someone pulls a knife during the debate but Xena and Gab bust in and break things up. A village suspiciously puts his hand in his shirt and Gabby takes him out. A fight ensues but by the end the villager shows he was reaching for his handkerchief. Xena tells Gabby that she’s too quick to judge people and to be careful. Before they can argue Ares shows up.

He says he hears that Xena is looking for a daddy but Xena says she already knows who the father is. It’s Gabby. Ares replies, "I would have paaaaayed to see that" (LOL). Gabby just looks at him smugly. Xena realize that Ares is there because the ‘twilight of the gods’ is upon them – a time the Fates say when the gods will no longer be needed. Callisto is listening to the exchange in the wings – no pun intended (LOL).

Xena tells Ares to get lost and Ares replies by telling her that he’d hate to kill her and her child. Xena blows him off; he disappears. Later Xena is escorting the village to their leader and tells Gabby that she (Gab) really needs to chill out - she used to use words as weapons first but lately she’s reaching for her sword. Gabby says Xena isn’t her mother. They find out the ‘leader’ is Eli. They met him and find out he’s leading a war of peace against the Gods – love will be their shield.

Xena and Gabby split up – Gabby stays with Eli and says she’s wondering if her path is right. She tells him that Xena is concerned she is getting insensitive to the violence but she says she’s not. Eli assures her that even ‘he’ is uncertain of his path at times. Ares shows up and confronts Eli to back off but no go.

Xena is scouting for Ares army when Callisto shows up. Xena is not thrilled to see her. Callisto asked Xena not to interfere in Eli’s destiny. But of course Xena just can’t do that and has to protect her friend (VBG). The army spots Xena and they advance. Xena watches them coming and says, "I’m getting too old for this." (LOL).

Callisto then goes to a praying Eli and tells him the gods will fall. He learns that he must become a martyr to the cause. Callisto gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him that they are always with him. Xena returns and tells Gabby and Eli that they must leave. Eli refuses. Xena tells Gabby to watch over Eli until she gets back. At a rope bridge she holds off the army.

In the onset, Ares has returned to kill Eli but Gabby interferes and stops him. Eli takes her to the side and tells her it’s his way. Ares kills Eli and Gabby falls to the ground crying while Callisto watches.

Xena gets back to find the villagers are blaming Gabrielle for Eli’s death but Xena sticks up for Gabby automatically. Xena asks if it’s true and Gabby doesn’t quite know how to answer and says ‘Don’t blame me.’ Xena pushes in the questioning and Gabby screams at her and walks away.

Ares shows up to Gabby who is off practicing with her sais. She runs up and pushes Ares around but Ares lets her and tells her he can show her how godhood feels and puts a ‘spell’ on her. She doesn’t answer him but it is assumed that she is siding with Ares.

Xena has a funeral pyre for Eli and they collect his ashes. Gabby looks on but Xena and she never stand near each other. I must add a personal comment here and say ROC looks absolutely fabulous as, she, wrapped in a smock, is watching the flames. (VBG) I love Gabby, have I mentioned that? (VBG).

Xena sees Calli again. She said Eli died for his cause. Eli will return in reincarnation. Xena said she wants Eli here in his body. Xena says Calli’s plan has hurt Gabby. Calli points out that the real threat is Ares. Xena decides that if Calli wants to help then she will get her the dagger of Helios (yes the same name as the Quest dagger – not sure if it’s the same one or not (G)). Xena is gonna kill Ares. Callisto agrees to help Xena in spite of her misgivings.

Gabby talks to Eli’s ashes and apologizes for aligning herself with Ares but she said she wants to learn all she can from him. She tells him she’s made a decision and hopes that she can do him proud before leaving.

Calli takes Xena to the dagger but warns that everyone has good and evil in them. Whichever side we ‘nurture’ is what we become. She asks Xena to consider her choice carefully. Xena takes the dagger and invites Calli to watch the show of the twilight of the gods.

Ares is talking with the villages, trying to turn their views but they start to chant Eli’s name. He says he’s going to kill them all but Gabby steps up and says think again. Ares is surprised that Gabby has turned from him but Gabby mentions that she was never really with him to begin with. And it would take more than him to turn her from Xena and her way of life. They fight. Gabster puts up a good battle but in the end she’s disarmed. Ares raises a blow to strike but the chakram whips through which means Xena isn’t too far behind.

She pulls the dagger on Ares and he realizes she’s got him. He taunts her to get it over with but she sees Eli’s reflection in the blade and replays the events in her mind. She says she’s going to let Ares live because it would be Eli’s way. She drops the weapon but Ares picks it up and holds it at her throat. She says that if he kills her it only doubles Eli’s cause. Eli had ‘played’ Ares and asked if he wanted to make things worse for him by killing her. Ares yields and destroys the dagger against a wall. He tells her that he’ll be back when they are more private and Xena says she’ll be ready.

Gabby hugs Xena and we actually see the old ‘gals’ we’ve come to know and love. They apologize to each other and Xena hugs Gabby. Then we see Callisto and Eli standing together. Eli tells the gals that their love and faith in each other is a true miracle. Callisto explains that since she created so much pain in Xena’s life she wanted to make things right. She gave Xena the child. But more than that, it is time for Callisto to be ‘reborn’ and it is ordain that Xena will be her ‘mother’. Xena accepts the responsibility and Calli goes into Xena’s belly.

So there you have it – Callisto is the daddy…and the baby (LOL).

Next week is the ‘controversial’ gay brother ep (LOL). It looks like a riot! Xena’s mom is back giving motherly advice to which Xena replies, "I don’t NEED a MAN!" and Jace, Joxer’s brother, looks like he gets along great with the girls (VBG). My hubby rolled his eyes but I thought it looked good but we’ll see (VBG).

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