Our story opens with Xena’s band of merry men and the bard tracking Livia. They talk about ‘Eve’ but Xena points out that Eve is Livia and perhaps she can’t change her. Gabby offers hope that she can change and Joxer adds that with a mom like Xena she has to be good. But Xena also sees that she can be evil.

Next we see Livia going on a rampage of Eli’s followers. She doesn’t care who she kills because they could all be Eli’s followers. An old man says he isn’t afraid to die - he’s lived through the rage of Callisto. Livia said Callisto did some good work but she’s no Callisto and chops off his head.

Xena and the gang make it to the village too late. Ares is there asking AGAIN for a child. When she refuses he says he’s not asking Xena he’s telling her. Xena says the thought of having a child with him sickens her and he splits.

We see Livia at her camp as Ares shows up. He tells Livia that he’s done with Xena. Livia doesn’t believe it. But Ares offers Livia the Roman Empire . . . but first she has to kill Xena. Livia asks isn’t Ares afraid of losing his godhood because of her. He says no. The only power Livia has is the gods own fear. He tells her to reclaim her destiny and kill Xena.

The fab four continue onward. Xena tells Gabby she can’t believe Eve is doing this. Gabby says Ares corrupted Eve but Xena says that Eve has her evil side that made it possible. Gabby points out that Xena turned her life around, Eve can turn around too. This time they arrive at the next village as the battle is going on. Joxer waits on the sidelines while X, G and Virgil take care of things. But in the course of the battle, Eve gets Joxer. Xena tells Eve to let Joxer go. It’s her she wants to battle. When that doesn’t work Xena throws some nails at Eve that she has to fend off. She gets pissed and takes off after Xena. Xena ends up battling Eve and Xena gets a good butt kickin’ since she won’t fight back. She just tells Eve she has a destiny that’s different. Eve gets the better of Xena and has her pinned. Ares tells her to kill Xena. But Xena kicks Eve away and into a town person who’s going to kill Eve. Xena saves her life by deflecting the man's knife with a chakram letting Eve escape. The townsman then tells Xena that Eve killed his family and any more families she kills is on Xena’s hands. Ares asks how it feels to have the person you love despise you and then vanishes.

Later that night Eve and Ares are talking. Eve is starting to let down some walls about Xena. If Xena didn’t care why did she come all the way to find her after 25 years. Ares tells Eve not to buy into all that fuzzy, warm crap – Livia was meant to lead Rome. Livia/Eve isn’t too sure what to believe but it seems like Ares is the safest bet at this point. Back at Xena’s camp they are planning to defend a temple built for Eli. Xena tells him to get some rest and she and Gabby talk. Gabby says she just needs more chances to talk to Eve and Xena could win her over. Gabby asks if that doesn’t happen however, could Xena kill her own daughter. Xena says that yes she could. Virgil and Joxer then talk. Joxer confesses he wasn’t a great warrior – all the stories he told were about Xena. Instead of being mad like Joxer expected, Virgil says that the trio must have had some wonderful adventures. They hold hands and Joxer says that yes he did (Ahhh….it’s that sweet(G)). I like old Joxer. Yes I know folks hate Joxer but I like this old Joxer, he’s finally ‘grown up’.

Gabby says it sounds like a good plan (we don’t know the ‘plan’) and Xena rides off to get to the temple ahead of everyone else. Gabby then wakes up Virgil and says if she’s not back by dawn go to the temple. She’s got matters to attend to and that she can’t let Xena do something she’ll regret. He agrees. Later at Livia’s camp the guards bring in Gabrielle. Livia says she knows why Auntie Gabby’s there. She wants to tell her that she can change and that Xena only wants what’s ‘best’ for her. Gabby says yes it’s true. Xena loves her very much and she (Xena) won’t fight her (Eve). Eve holds a knife to Gabby’s throat and she says that perhaps she would fight if she were properly motivated. Joxer wakes up and tells Virgil they are going after them. Joxer goes to Gabby and Virgil races to get Xena.

In the morning Joxer is hiding in the bushes and he watches as the Roman’s bring Gabby from a tent and string her up but not before Eve pops Gabby in the face when Gabby says it’s not too late to stop things. Joxer is waiting for Xena. In the onset he pops a Roman in the head and steals his clothes. Eve goes to strike Gabby and Joxer in Roman gear starts rambling. When the Romans draw their swords on him they all hear Xena’s war cry. Joxer says it’s about time (LOL). He was actually useful here by stalling until Xena could save the day. I like that (VBG).

Eve manages to work her way back toward Gabrielle and goes to slice her. Xena goes to kill Eve with her chakram but Joxer sees what’s happening and rushes Eve as he screams. Xena can’t get off the shot from where she’s standing and Joxer gets Eve’s sword in his gut. The troops retreat and the trio gather around Joxer. Gabby asked why he did it. Joxer said he didn’t want to disappoint her. Gabby said he never disappointed her. He dies and they hide his body. Xena wants Virgil to take him home. Virgil says that since his father respected Xena so much she has his respect too but this is now his fight too and stalks off.

Gabby follows. They talk and Virgil said he didn’t know his faith in Eli would be tested this way and he’d have vengeance in his heart. In the onset Ares shows up and tries to blame Xena for Joxer’s death. If she had only gone off with him and took the deal, Joxer would be alive. He points out that Joxer's dead because he sickens her but killing Eve will kill Xena’s soul. Gabby shows up as Ares leaves and says Ares is full of it. Xena still blames herself but Gabby says she tried to tell Livia they loved her but she doesn’t care. Eve is dead and she’s not Xena’s daughter anymore. She’s Rome’s.

Xena goes off alone and prays to Eli to help her find the way. But she gets no answer from him and leaves disgusted. Good scene – no mugging, real tears. LL might be finding her character again. Livia’s troops arrive at the temple to find the hooded figures praying. She threatens them and one figure stands up. It’s Xena. Eve says she’s hopes there isn’t any more mother/daughter chats between them. Xena says nope - she realizes Eve is dead and she’s there to avenge her. They do battle with each other and the other followers reveal themselves to be Augusta’s soldiers. Augusta's not going to just sit back and let Livia take his throne.

The two groups fight as Xena and Eve duke it out. Xena sees the chance to strike the deathblow but she can’t do it. Eve take the opportunity and pins Xena saying she’s weak. Xena says she loves her. Before Eve can strike however a light shines into the temple. Livia starts to remember when she was a baby and sees that Xena truly did care for her through ‘flashbacks’. Xena sees the change in Livia and Livia says ‘What have I done’. Eve gets up and Xena follows her. You can see them talking but can’t hear what’s being said. Virgil sees Eve and tries to take a swing at her with his sword but Xena stops him. Eve leaves the temple and Gabby asks what Livia said to Xena. Xena tells her, "She said her name was Eve."

Fade to black.

CN Winters

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