Part Two – Season One

The Reckoning

Xena battles a bad, cloaked dude and tries to save some travelers. Of course she gets accused of committing the murders herself and Gabby ends up playing ‘lawyer’. When they torture her she says enough is enough and breaks her chains. In all the chaos she strikes Gabby. Xena is finally restrained again. But Gabby returns and tries to break Xena loose. Xena says no and we see the girls first ‘I’ll stick by ya through anything’ scene. Gabby agrees. Xena apologizes for hitting Gabby. Gabby accepts and realizes she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seems Ares was the cloaked man and he wants Xena to join him; giving her any solider she wants – dead or living. Xena agrees but only if the verdict turns out to be guilty. When the townspeople vote against her, Xena calls on Ares to bring back the men she allegedly killed (LOL) therefore making her innocent. Ares bows in respect to being outwitted but we know he won’t give up. He wants Xena has his conqueror. The subtext in this ep is the little moments that subtexters love. The gentle touches, the tender looks, the shy smiles. This ep has many so you gotta watch for them.

The Titans

Seems virgin Gabby has unknowingly released three titans Zeus had imprisoned in rock. That silly bard (VBG). She is always getting into trouble.

Of course when the titans start their destruction Xena comes to Gabby’s rescue. Or as Xena says, ‘Let’s just say I’m the goddess’ (Gab) ‘protector’.’ Very smooth Xena. Very smooth. Watching Gabby beam at this point is pretty cool too (VBG). Later when it appears that Gabby has…ahem…shared her bardly goodies with a young village guy, Xena looks stricken as she sees them in bed. Gabby asks what’s wrong. Xena begin stoic says ‘nothing. It’s none of her business’. Gabby says ‘That’s right! It isn’t! And that she’s not a child’. Xena says she knows that but she ‘doesn’t have time to prove that to her now’. Hmmmm, just how would Xena prove it and furthermore why does it look like she’s gotten stomped by a centaur when she catches the young lovers together? Just a idea (VBG)

Well it turns out village guy and Gabby aren’t ‘lovers’. She reads another scroll that turns the Titans into stone and warrior and bard save the day.


This is the one and only Herc/Iolaus cross over Xena ep to date. Seems Hera has chained the titan Prometheus and as a result the human race loses fire and the ability to heal itself. The only way to free him is with a special sword that Xena gets. The catch is that anyone who strikes the blow dies. The dynamic duos head to the mountain to free the titan and upon saying goodbye Gabby begs Xena not to strike the blow. Xena tells her to take care and strokes her face before and after giving her a hug.

Needless to say neither Herc nor Xena die. They find a way to strike the blow without getting killed and Prometheus is freed. Although heroes share a kiss and sidekicks share a kiss (Ahhhhhh…) Xena and Gabby end up the way they always do….with each other (VBG).

Death in Chains

Here’s our first red shirt folks (VBG). I’ll explain.

Hades pays our girls a visit and says that Celesta, his sister known as death, as been captured. She must be freed before her candle burns out or humans will never die. Dr. Jack must have loved this ep if he saw it (G) I’ve never seen such a pro-death program. In any event, Gabby meets Talus. Seems Talus is dying as the two form a deepening bond. When Celesta is finally freed she takes Talus with her much to Gabby’s confusion. But soon she understands – she’s met her first red shirt (VBG) – and Xena comforts her in her arms as Talus goes to the great beyond. Just one of those ‘ahhh’ moments; when the chips are down it’s Xena that Gabby can always turn too.

Hooves and Harlots

Gabby meets the amazons and inadvertently becomes a princess. Seems Princess Terreis’s murderer is a centaur prince named Phantes. Xena thinks something strange is afoot and investigates. Seems a warlord wants to benefit by pitting long time enemies centaurs and amazons against each other. Many different subtext moments in this one.

Watch Xena and Ephiny’s first conversation.

X: ‘Something about me you find interesting?’

E: ‘No.’

X: ‘Then stop staring before I poke your eyes out.’

(LOL) Okay so Ephiny’s got a thing for woman in leather – just like Gabby, perhaps that’s why they get along so well by the end of the ep (LOL). And the amazon’s lifestyle of no men is quite interesting; plus they study ‘boy subjects’ first in school – science and philosophy. Two things that Gabby mentions she loves. The little bard was just destined to be dyke (LOL). Okay that’s a stereotype. I know. It’s just a joke folks so settle down. Sheeshhhh! Anyway…

Later in the ep Gabby needs a champion so she, of course, picks Xena. And as always, Xena is more than willing to stick up for her little bard. Once more warrior and bard end up saving the day and walk into the sunset together just like amazon Ephiny and centaur Phantes do (I mention this because it will be important later as many of you know ;) ).


The Black Wolf

Seems a group of people is protesting the taxes in Robin Hood fashion. Xena finds the mother of an old friend crying at the jail only to learn her friend Flora has been imprisoned for being part of the ‘wolf pack’. Xena goes undercover, acting like she’s working for the corrupt King, to get inside the jail. Once there she tries to get Flora free but she won’t leave without the others.

Enter Salmoneus and Gabrielle. Sal gets thrown in when jailers think he’s throwing tomatoes at them. Of course it was Gabby trying to get thrown in the clink to help Xena. As Xena and Salmoneus ‘catch up’ Gabby comes in and tells Salmoneus that he wouldn’t be in jail if he had kept his hands off her tomatoes. If looks could kill Sal would be dead (LOL). The look Xena throws him could cut sharper than her chakram. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, touches her bard (LOL). He quickly adds, "I can explain. It’s not what you think." (Great scene. I miss Salmoneus. Have I mentioned that? Well I do (VBG).)

Anyway, Xena figures out that her ex-girlfriend Flora, erhhh… I mean ….Flora. Just Flora – no one can prove they were anything more than good friends right? ;) . Anyhow, Flora is the leader of the Black Wolf pack. Xena saves the day, frees the people along with the kingdom and they all live happily ever after. (BG)


Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

Another ex flame of Xena looks her up…Oops I mean Helen of Troy (VBG). Seems Helen doesn’t love Paris anymore. She wants the war to end and she wants Xena to ‘take me away from all this’. (VBG) Xena goes to Troy to see Helen when low and behold who do they find? Perdyboy!!! Seems Perdicus ran off and became a soldier. Hmmm…could it be because his fiancée left him for a warrior? And perhaps if he was more warlike she would love him too?…Just a thought(VBG).

Anyway, seems Paris’ brother is in cahoots with the Greeks because HE wants Helen. Man, everybody wants this chick and if you ask me she’s not nearly as beautiful or delightful as the gal Xena’s got on her arm. (VBG). I love Gabby. Have I mentioned that? But in any case, the Trojans get tricked. The Greeks take Troy. Paris dies. The brother is uncovered. And Helen leaves to start a new life with Perdicus as her guard. And as for Xena and Gabby – once more they walk off side by side (VBG).


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