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CN's Other Sites

There's more to CN than just writing Xena Fan Fiction...okay not MUCH more...but I do have a few other outside interest.

CN's Caldron of Fan Fiction is dedicated to reforming Wicca and Buffy, Vamp Slayer, sidekick Willow Rosenberg (What is it with me and my love of sidekicks?). You can find fiction with any character but Willow is always the main focus on this site.  I do take submissions of fan fiction from other authors too so if you're a Buffy fan/bard as well as a Xena fan check it out. 

The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory is house to one of the largest fan fiction directories in the Xenaverse if not fandom's in general. After 6 years and going strong the UFFD, as it's been nicknamed, is run by myself, Barry Marshall and Heartbrkn Bard (who happen to be two close friends and great bards to boot! ) We're currently going through a major reconstruction with plans of finishing Feb. 2003 with a new look and new links. 

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